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Tired of Goopy Impressions? Learn About Our Digital Scanners

If you’ve ever gotten a custom-made dental prosthetic like a dental crown, then you’re all too familiar with the goopy impressions needed to create them.

To make it, the dentist needs to use a putty material and ask you to bite down on it, and once it hardens, it leaves an impression on your teeth. This is then sent to a lab, where your prosthetic is created.

Putties can be very inconvenient for the patient, but they are also not the best way to make an impression on the patient’s mouth. Instead, results can be much more exact (and comfortable) with digital scanners like the ones we use at Ivory Dental Studio.

Here’s everything you need to know about them!

What Are Dental Digital Scanners?

Digital scanners are state-of-the-art devices that can create a fully digital impression of the patient’s oral cavity. The device projects a light scout to scan objects, such as your dental arch, and then the software creates a 3D rendition of it in real-time.

Through this technology, Dr. Harjit Gill can get a highly accurate scan of all the patient’s hard and soft tissues.

Digital scanners can be used for lots of different reasons, the most common of which is taking impressions of the teeth for dental prosthetics such as dentures or dental crowns.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Scanners?

Digital scanners offer a plethora of benefits when compared to traditional impressions:

  • Better patient experience - Impressions can be quite uncomfortable, especially for patients who have a stronger gag reflex. Digital scanners are considerably more comfortable for patients since they can quickly get accurate impressions of their mouths;
  • Faster and better results - Digital scans can be instantly sent to the lab that makes the prosthetic. Classic impressions need to be physically shipped to a lab which, depending on its location, can take a few days. The quality of the results is also enhanced;
  • Enhanced accuracy - Digital scanners rely on innovative technology that can effectively capture the exact shape and contour of the patient’s teeth and mouth. This helps make better-fitting prosthetics that increase the patient’s level of comfort;
  • Better diagnostics - Digital scanners allow dentists to get a more accurate view of the patient’s mouth, including areas that may be difficult to see with the naked eye. This allows the dentist to make better treatment recommendations to support the patient’s oral health.

Get a Digital Scan at Ivory Dental Studio

Whether you’re looking to improve your oral health or want to address some cosmetic concerns, Dr. Harjit Gill can use a digital scan of your teeth to improve the outcomes of your treatment.

To get started, book a consultation at Ivory Dental Studio online.

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