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What Sets Us Apart

A Whole-Body Approach To Care

When your oral health thrives, so does the rest of your whole-body health. Dr. Gill works closely with you to ensure the foundation of your smile is strong and healthy for a dazzling smile that lasts a lifetime.

Tailored Experience From Start to Finish

Our team has ditched the one-size-fits-all approach to care by tailoring your appointment to suit your unique needs. No two smiles are the same, after all!

Relaxing Atmosphere, Spa-Like Amenities

We’ve designed Ivory Dental Studio to make you feel more comfortable than you have ever been in a dental office. Sit back and enjoy our warm, inviting lounge with aromatherapy, complimentary beverage bar, and variety of other amenities.

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Your Dentist

Dr. Harjit Gill

A graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, Dr. Harjit Gill is proud to provide all aspects of comprehensive dentistry, including preventive, restorative, cosmetic, TMJ/TMD, and sleep apnea management to the Niagara regional community. She is passionate about providing excellent personalized dentistry to her patients and strives to provide gentle and customized dental services, always prioritizing relationship-based and patient-centered care.

Dr. Gill continues to be a lifelong learner! She constantly keeps herself apprised of dental advancements by committing to hundreds of hours of advanced dental education. Dr. Gill is an active member of the Dawson Academy, American Equilibration Society (AES), Bale Doneen Method, and American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, and other institutions for continued education. Dr. Gill has advanced knowledge and training in TMJ, disorders of the TMJ (TMD), bite disorders, and sleep apnea. She continues to expand her knowledge in this field because she feels passionate about foundational occlusion, crafted in harmony with the temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication, and teeth. Dr. Gill  is trained in an analysis of bite problems and related disorders of the TMJ’s (jaw joints) as well. She approaches dentistry with accuracy, precision, and artistic perspective. 

Dr. Gill began her journey with Dawson Academy and her experience has changed her life both professionally and personally. Dawson Academy allowed her to incorporate many invaluable skills and knowledge to build a better practice for her patients and create a more fulfilling understanding of a balanced life with her career and with her family. Dawson dentists are trained to use the WIDIOM rule, which means, "would I do it on me?” This concept requires careful examination and treatment planning, designed to help patients understand every problem so priorities of treatment can be put into proper perspective.

Outside of her profession, Dr. Gill strives to maintain mindfulness in her life and loves being a wife to her husband, Gurpreet, and a mother to her five children Simran, Jasmin, Karina, Karan, and Raj. In her free time, Dr. Gill truly enjoys cooking, reading, and most of all, spending time with her family.

The Ivory Team

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Stepping into Ivory Dental Studio is more like entering a spa than a dental practice. Once you walk through our doors, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our compassionate team and guided to our waiting room before your appointment. Sip on sparkling water at our beverage station or reach for a warm towel as our aromatherapy diffuser soothes your senses. You deserve to feel comfortable, relaxed, and pampered from the moment you step through our doors, so our staff is on standby to ensure a seamless visit that’s tailored just for you. 

Dr. Gill will then guide you to your consultation room and invite you into a conversation about your smile goals, overall health habits, and any complications you may have. By getting a better understanding of your whole-body health, Dr. Gill will be able to curate a customized treatment plan that solidifies the foundation of your oral health and enhances its aesthetics as well. If you have any questions or treatment desires, she’ll gladly walk you through your options to ensure your needs are met. 

If you’re ready to delight in a new dental experience, give us a call at (289) 296-0720 to reserve your appointment or schedule a virtual consultation online. Our team can’t wait to empower your smile like never before.

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Office Comforts & Soothing Amenities


Tech Bar

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Essential Oil Diffuser


Soundproof Headphones

Warm Scented Towels

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Come for the care, stay for the experience.

At Ivory Dental Studio, we tailor your visit from the moment you walk through our doors. It’s our mission to exceed your expectations with our soothing amenities, custom treatments, and compassionate approach to dentistry. If you’re looking for a new dental home in Niagara Falls, Dr. Gill is delighted to give you the care you deserve.

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