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Unveiling the Smile-Saving Power of Guided Biofilm Therapy

At Ivory Dental Studio we're passionate about providing our patients with the latest and most advanced dental care treatments. One such revolutionary innovation that we're proud to offer is Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). This cutting-edge approach to oral health doesn't just clean your teeth – it paves the way to a healthier, more radiant smile. Whether you're a new patient or a familiar face, here's why you should be excited about GBT.

What Is Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)?

GBT is a game-changer in dental hygiene, offering a superior and gentler alternative to traditional teeth cleaning methods. It's a minimally invasive approach that combines air-polishing and state-of-the-art technology to remove dental plaque, biofilm, and stains with remarkable precision.

The Benefits of GBT for New and Existing Patients:

Effective Biofilm Removal: GBT takes dental hygiene to the next level by targeting and eliminating harmful dental biofilm, the root cause of many oral health issues. Say goodbye to stubborn plaque and stains, and hello to a sparkling, bacteria-free smile.

Minimally Invasive: GBT is gentle on your teeth and gums, making it an ideal choice for patients with sensitive gums or those who dread traditional scaling and polishing.

Precision and Comfort: The technology used in GBT ensures accuracy, reducing the risk of damaging healthy tooth enamel. You'll leave our office feeling refreshed, comfortable, and with a brighter smile.

Customized for You: GBT can be tailored to your specific oral health needs, making it suitable for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Preventive and Therapeutic: For existing patients, GBT is not only an effective cleaning procedure but also a preventive measure against dental issues such as cavities and gum disease.

Gentle Stain Removal: GBT can effectively remove surface stains, leaving you with a whiter, more vibrant smile.

Improved Overall Health: Maintaining a healthy mouth is linked to better overall health. GBT aids in reducing the risk of systemic diseases associated with poor oral hygiene.

Experience the GBT Difference

Ready to experience the future of dental hygiene? Schedule your GBT appointment with us at Ivory Dental Studio in Niagara Falls and embark on a journey to a healthier, brighter smile. Our caring team is here to provide you with the most advanced dental care available.

Don't wait – invest in your oral health and well-being today. Contact us today, by calling (289) 296-0720, to schedule your GBT appointment and take the first step towards a radiant, confident smile. Your smile deserves the very best, and at Ivory Dental Studio, that's exactly what we offer.

Come for the care, stay for the experience.

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a drag. At Ivory Dental Studio, we tailor your visit from the moment you walk through our doors. Step into a smile experience that not only elevates your oral health but pampers you as well. It’s our mission to exceed your expectations with our soothing amenities, custom treatments, and compassionate approach to dentistry. If you’re looking for a new dental home in Niagra Falls, Dr. Gill is delighted to give you the care you deserve.

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