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At Ivory Dental Studio, innovation and compassion meet to transform your dental care experience. Our commitment to your oral health and well-being goes hand in hand with our dedication to harnessing today’s technology for comprehensive, patient-centric care.We understand that visiting the dentist can sometimes be a daunting experience, which is why we've invested in technology that not only enhances precision and efficiency but also prioritizes your comfort. Our office is proudly equipped with the following technology:

Fotona Laser Technology
Laser dentistry allows for precise and minimally invasive dental procedures.Fotona lasers utilize specific wavelengths of light to target and interact with various dental tissues, such as enamel, dentin, and soft tissues. This technology is incredibly versatile and has a range of applications in the dental industry, including teeth whitening, periodontal treatment, cavity preparation, and even some surgeries.Fotona laser is also well-known for its sterilization and disinfection properties, reducing the risk of infection and promoting quicker recovery. They also offer a more comfortable experience for our patients, as procedures are often less painful, resulting in reduced anxiety associated with dental visits.

Guided Biofilm Therapy
Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a cutting-edge dental approach that is transforming the way we treat and manage oral health. It is a comprehensive method designed to prevent and treat dental issues, primarily focusing on biofilm management and removal. Here's how GBT works and why it's a game-changer in dentistry.GBT employs advanced technology and techniques to target dental biofilm, the complex community of microorganisms that colonize on teeth and gums, causing issues like plaque, tartar, and periodontal diseases. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify specific areas of concern. Then, a combination of air polishing and ultrasonic instrumentation is used to remove biofilm, stains, and calculus gently and effectively, leaving your teeth clean and healthy.GBT ensures a more comfortable and painless experience for patients, reducing anxiety often associated with traditional cleanings.

The CariScreen Testing Meter
The CariScreen  is a breakthrough technology that allows us to detect and assess the risk of dental caries (tooth decay) with precision. Through a quick and painless swab test, we analyze the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. This non-invasive procedure empowers us to create tailored treatment plans, emphasizing preventive measures personalized to your unique oral health needs.This tool not only helps us identify potential dental issues at an early stage but also enables us to educate and guide you towards maintaining optimal oral hygiene. By utilizing the CariScreen Testing Meter, we aim to enhance your experience by offering minimally invasive procedures and customized preventive strategies. Experience the confidence of proactive oral health management and personalized care, as we utilize this innovative technology to keep your smile bright and your oral health at its best.

Digital Scanner
The scanner operates by employing optical technology, which captures precise 3D images of a patient's teeth and oral structures. As a patient sits comfortably in the dental chair, Dr. Gill gently moves the handheld scanner over the teeth and gums. The device emits a series of flashing lights, which are recorded by the scanner and instantly converted into a detailed digital model of the patient's mouth. This 3D model is then displayed on a computer screen in real-time, allowing usto view and manipulate it for treatment planning and diagnostics.The digital scanner eliminates the need for traditional, messy, and often uncomfortable impressions, alleviating patient discomfort. The digital process is much faster, reducing chair time and making the patient experience more efficient.  

Velscope: Oral Cancer Detection
Velscope operates on the principle of fluorescence visualization. It emits a safe, blue-spectrum light into the patient's mouth, which excites the natural fluorescence in oral tissues. Healthy tissues fluoresce differently from abnormal or potentially cancerous ones, making it easier for your dental team to differentiate them.The benefits of Velscope are numerous. It aids in the early detection of oral cancer, allowing for timely intervention and increasing the chances of successful treatment. Early diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death in cases of oral cancer. Moreover, Velscope is non-invasive, painless, and quick, making it a comfortable experience for patients. This technology complements the traditional oral examination, providing a more comprehensive assessment of a patient's oral health.

NightLase™ Snoring Treatment
Experience peaceful nights and rekindle the joy of restful sleep with our NightLase™ Snoring Treatment. NightLase™ is a non-invasive, painless, and highly effective solution to snoring. This laser technology tightens the tissues in your throat, reducing vibrations that cause snoring. No more sleepless nights for you or your loved ones! To learn more about dental technology employed in our office, speak with the team member at Ivory Dental Studio in Niagara Falls today.

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